[edit] The New Schrodinger’s Cat

We all know about Schrodinger’s Cat. Put a cat in a box and you can't tell whether it is dead or alive. How can you tell if you can't observe it?

Let's add the recent issue of pet monitoring and feeding startup NAME to the mix. All of the analogies of IoT being a new Schrodinger’s Cat become true!

On DATE, the pet network NAME lost server connectivity, leaving many pets and owners in a state of uncertainty. See, these people trusted the software, and while the pet feeder automatically defaulted to a regular feeeding cycle without the owners around, owners weren't so sure about it, especially the state of those darn cats! In trusting the software, they didn't set up a human backup system. No friends were around to check on their pets.

Perhaps this is a cute and silly example of one failure of the Internet of Things.

Principle 6 of calm technology states that Technology should work even when it fails, encouraging developers and product owners to "think about what happens if your technology fails", and ask themselves the question of whether it "defaults to a usable state breaks down completely". This is an important question! Engineers that work on airplanes or radio towers include redundancy as part of their design process. We don't

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